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Campaigns. Wendell Wilkie - F.D.R., Thomas E. Dewey - Harry S. Truman, General Eisenhower - Adlai E. Stevenson (1952)

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  1. And Here's Why ca. 95 PA Free Men Speak July 62 PA To Win: Adlai E. Stevenson ca. 62 PA The Ticket For You: Adlai Stevenson - Estes Kefauver ca. 62 PA How To Argue With A Republican ca. 62 PA The Farmers' Case Against Eisenhower ca. 62 PA All Business Needs.
  2. Jul 28,  · Willkie was receptive and, on July 13th, even as F.D.R. was getting ready to ask Senator Harry Truman to be his running mate, he dictated a letter to Willkie saying, “I want to talk to you about.
  3. The scandals of the Truman administration were again an issue in the campaign, when General "Ike" Eisenhower and Richard Nixon ran against Adlai Stevenson and John Sparkman.
  4. JANUARY 17 (Front Cover) Bing Crosby (Back Cover) AD - Camel Cigarettes with Socalite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps (Contents) Eisenhower is Open to G.O.P. Draft/ Why THey Sling Mud at Army's Football Team/ What's Wrong with Hospitals // Mama and Her Twin Lion Cubs in Paris Zoo/ Naughty 90's Party Launches Spicy Cookbook "Rector's Naughty 90's Cook.
  5. In politics, the election campaigns featured Eisenhower/Nixon and Stevenson/Kefauver. Eisenhower threw out the first ball in Game One of the World Series (Dodgers v Yankees) and Stevenson threw out the ball for the second game. In Hungary, the people, the Freedom Fighters, rejected the Communist rule, but that was short-lived.
  6. The Party’s alternative choices seemed either as dry as dust—Senators Arthur Vandenberg and Robert A. Taft—or too green: the skyrocketing New York crime fighter Thomas E. Dewey was only Author: Thomas Mallon.
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  8. In , he graduated from Hampton and began his postgraduate studies at Ohio State University in Columbus. In , Sengstacke joined the staff of the Chicago Defender as Abbott’s assistant and as vice president and general manager of Robert S. Abbott Publishing Company.

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