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Current Loop - 3 Phase - Schlangenfarm (CD, Album)

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  1. Loop's three-chord music, blending influences from bands like Can, Hawkwind and The Stooges to a musical potpurri with strong similarities to fellow UK act Spacemen 3 became rather popular, their debut album reached the fourth spot in the UK indie charts, while their sophomore priduction Fade Out from topped the UK indie charts and peaked.
  2. Our powerful worship song search lets you easily find anything from our catalog. Search by artist, album or song name. Filter the results by genre and track type and sort them to your preference.
  3. Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. The Chameleon Mag Loop is a capacitive coupled (vs. inductively coupled) magnetic loop for 6 to 80 meters. It uses a 36" aluminum loop, 3 capacitor on/off switches (a variety of combinations of on/off is used for each band), a tuning knob and a matching knob. This antenna does not require height to operate well.
  4. Loop by Scheurich. Looping the loop! When it comes to the new Loop watering can from Scheurich, the name says it all. The sweeping handle with the pronounced arch puts a real swing into its silhouette. Thanks to this dynamic shape, reaching all the plants on the window sill .
  5. The Allmusic site awarded the album 4 stars stating "this is one groovin' album in the vein of hard bop". Track listing. All compositions by Johnny Lytle except as indicated "The Loop" - "The More I See You" (Mack Gordon, Harry Warren) - "The Man" - "Time After Time" (Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne) - "Big Bill" -
  6. current loop Stromschleife {f}electr. delay loop Verzögerungsschleife {f} delta loop [antenna] Dreieckschleife {f} diathermy loop Diathermieschlinge {f}MedTech. directional loop Peilrahmen {m} doom loop Teufelskreis {m} ear loop Ohrschlinge {f}MedTech. earth loop [of a ground-coupled heat pump].
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