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Shut The Door - Various - Too Slow To Disco (CDr)

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  1. Sep 09,  · Luckily I bought it at Costco so I should be able to return it without too many hassles. I just want to try and resolve it so I could avoid that hassle anyhow. K. kalialex. Sep 5,
  2. I think your drive is a CD-RW & CD rom. The 52 speed is how fast you can burn a cdr and thats why in nero you have speeds to select like 52x, 48x,42x ect. But this has very little to do with how fast the CDrom spins to play a mp3 cd. What i would say is try a mp3 player like Winamp lite or WMP.
  3. Sep 20,  · CD Rom Drive too slow? September 20, Posted by Carthik in administration, commands, ubuntu. trackback. If your CR Rom drive, or the CD-RW drive, or your DVD reader/writer are slower than their stated speeds for reading or writing (burning), then you may not have DMA (Direct Memory Access) enabled on the drive in question.
  4. Sep 18,  · inside ur cd rom is a little trip lever as the slide goes in it resets it self for the next time but if the reset is worn it can't reset and believe it or not they do wear out my suggestion is to purchase a new cd rom they are cheap enough now u can get a killer cd-rom of ur choice but try a cd/rw is a good upgrade for dell.
  5. I too had the issue of the radio and accessories not turning off when I opened the driver's side door, intermittently. I would open and shut the door a couple of times and it would shut off. Well, now that stopped working and I've resorted to leaning across and opening the passenger door to turn the radio off.
  6. Apr 07,  · Ok ok I know it's small. When I shut my driver's door there is a reverberating sound similar to a spring being stretched and then plucked. It closes fine, the window works, and all the functions of the door work. It closes tight. It just has this hollow spring sound right after I close the door. None of the other doors make this sound.
  7. CD DVD Runs Too Slow by cyberbiker · 13 years ago In reply to Problem is common Thank you, Neal, for giving us a much more comprehensive understanding of the background problem.
  8. Jun 27,  · You can stop autorun/autoplay by holding the 'shift' key in when inserting the cd/dvd and closing the door - just hold it until the lights stop blinking on the drive. G Jun 26,
  9. Nov 30,  · Hello, My DVD tray keeps opening. It will not stay closed more than seconds unless the drive is in use. I can still play DVDs, it will read any DVD like .

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